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Among the methods to earn free cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoin and Altcoin faucets, mining and GPT sites, there are also Airdrops and Bountys. The former is literally translated from English into "rains of coins from the sky" and consist of free distributions of cryptocurrencies to users who are asked for a simple registration. Bounty campaigns are very similar to the Airdrops already described, especially in the purpose of free cryptocurrency delivery: the difference is given by the increased promotional tasks required of participants.

So here is a list of the best Airdrop and Bounty currently active on the web to earn free tokens.

Project Tasks Reward Days

What are Airdrops and Bountys? Why do they exist?

In airdrops, after a first phase of registration collection, we move on to the actual distribution of tokens based on various parameters, such as the number of beneficiaries, the moment of signup or the ranking in some forums such as Bitcointalk. In Bounty, on the other hand, the benficiaries of cryptocurrency distribution are asked for some additional tasks, such as further registration to social channels, sharing promotional posts or affixing sponsor signatures on forums dedicated to digital currencies.

From the description of their functions it is well understood how cryptocurrency Airdrops and Bounty campaigns are essentially promotional means aimed at spreading the token expression of a project and creating around it a community of users.

These marketing tools are mainly used by developers of newborn projects around cryptocurrencies, in order to increase the popularity of their virtual coins and create a transaction history.

A large amount of Airdrop and Bounty concern Ethereum or Waves tokens, put on the market only for speculative purposes and to generate fast profits by playing on the price change after the launch of the asset.

Others, on the other hand, are the attempt to create a community around much more solid projects, just before or in conjunction with an ICO.

There are many established cryptocurrencies who have used Airdrops and Bounty campaigns to promote themselves, such as Stellar Lumens or Byteball.