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Bitcoin Faucets are simple sites that give away free fractions of Bitcoin, referred to as satoshi, at set intervals of time.

Together with GPT, PTC and Casino, using Faucets to earn Bitcoin for free allows, in a simple, practical and risk-free way, to get in touch with the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as to build a small portfolio to start trading.

Value of 1 Bitcoin
Rank Faucet Name Reward Timer Payout Payout Rating Earn
1 FreeBitcoin variable 60 minutes 30000
Direct Wallet 5 star rating get free
2 FireFaucet variable autofaucet 7 USD FaucetPay
Direct Wallet
5 star rating get free
3 Faucet Crypto variable + BONUS 40 minutes or shortlink 1000 coins Direct Wallet
5 star rating get free
4 Allcoins variable + BONUS 5 minutes or autofaucet 2500
Direct Wallet 5 star rating get free
5 Bucksify variable + BONUS 1 hour 30000 BXT Direct Wallet 5 star rating get free
6 ESFaucet variable 20 minutes variable Direct Wallet
5 star rating get free
7 Jupiter Faucet from 3 to 26 satoshi BTC 2 minutes No minimum ExpressCrypto 5 star rating get free
8 ClaimFreeCoins fino a 20
satoshi BTC
5 minutes No minimum FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
9 BigBTC variable + BONUS 8 minutes 100 satoshi BTC FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
10 QueenFaucet 2 satoshi BTC 5 minutes No minimum ExpressCrypto 5 star rating get free

Faucets of cryptomoney similar to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most famous electronic currency, known even by the less experienced. But today it has a lot of alternatives, called Altcoins, which aspire to improve the characteristics of its big sister. Here we present Faucet's lists of those Altcoins, which have proven over time to be the most solid or have more potential, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash or Monero.

Currently worth less than Bitcoin, these new cryptocurrencies are distributed by their Faucets in good quantity: this means that, waiting for their increase in value, it is possible today to build a good portfolio for the future, without any investment and at zero risk.

Faucet rotators and microwallets

The main criticism that is addressed to the use of Faucets to accumulate cryptocurrencies is that they are too dispersive, dividing in too many different sites the proceeds of the claim. This is when faucet rotators and microwallets come to the rescue.

The first ones allow you to switch from one faucet to another while remaining comfortably on the same page and getting additional bonuses. The second ones, instead, are online wallets, where the faucets lean on to facilitate and speed up the payment to the users, who can make the satoshi earned in the different faucets converge in a single site and then ask for the withdraw at the achievement of a single threshold (payout).

The advantages of using faucet rotator and microwallet are so obvious: with the first you can claim without moving from one site to another, while with the second you can ask for a single payment, instead of hundreds as many faucets where you claim. Here is a list of the best microwallets, with the list of faucets linked to them.

Rank Wallet Cryptocurrencies Minimum
Sign up Rating Faucet list
1 FaucetPay Bitcoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash Litecoin DASH Dogecoin Digibyte Tron
0.00001000 BTC
0.00100000 ETH
0.00050000 BCH
0.00080000 LTC
0.00080000 DASH
10.00000000 DOGE
5.00000000 TRX
25.00000000 DGB
5 star rating FaucetPay
Faucet List
2 ExpressCrypto Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Lisk Dogecoin Peercoin Bitcoin Cash Ripple Bytecoin Monero ZCash Digibyte Tron Waves Neo Stratis
0.00015000 BTC
0.00500000 ETH
0.01000000 LTC
25.00000000 DOGE
0.50000000 WAVES
0.01000000 DASH
0.10000000 PPC
0.10000000 STRAT
0.00500000 BCH
1.00000000 POT
1.00000000 DGB
0.01000000 XMR
0.01000000 ZEC
1.00000000 XRP
1.00000000 NEO
0.20000000 LSK
0.20000000 BCN
10.00000000 TRX
4 star rating ExpressCrypto
Faucet List