Cryptocurrency Faucet Rotator

One of the most tedious aspects of online cryptocurrency faucets is having to open many different sites each time in order to claim a good number of digital tokens. Our Faucet Rotator wants to overcome this very problem, offering the possibility to switch between faucets quickly and staying on the same browser window.

Select the wallet you use, then the cryptocurrency you want to claim, and finally click on the button that appears in step 3 to go to the desired type of Faucet Rotator.

Step 1

Select the electronic wallet where you want to accumulate cryptocurrencies

Direct Wallet

Step 2

Select the electronic currency you want to receive for free

Binance CoinBNB

Bitcoin Cash


Step 3

Click on the button to go to the respective faucet rotator

Go to faucet rotator for
direct wallet

How the faucet rotator works and its advantages

Once you click on the button that appeared in step 3, you will be sent to the Faucet Rotator which will display only those online faucets that pay tokens of the selected cryptocurrency type and on the e-wallet of your choice. As an example: if in step 1 you select "FaucetPay" as your wallet and in step 2 you click on "Ethereum", by clicking on the button that appears in step 3, you will access the Faucet Rotator that will run only those faucets that pay Gwei ETH on the FaucetPay microwallet. This way you won't waste time viewing and bypassing faucets that don't interest you!

The functioning of our Faucet Rotator is then very simple: as soon as you open it you can immediately claim on the first faucet presented, then, in order to move to the next site, you just need to click on the "Next Faucet" button in the upper right corner and so on in rotation. When you have claimed on all the faucets in the Rotator, you can start again from the first one, since its timer, while you have clicked on the other faucets, will have already reset.

It is also possible to go back to a faucet that you skipped or that you had some difficulty with, as well as you can, in case of problems in displaying or claiming, reload a faucet site through its reload button. Finally, should you want to return to this page and go to a different Faucet Rotator by wallet or digital currency, just click on the link at the top left "Other Faucet Rotators".

Being basically an aggregator of online faucets, the great advantage of Faucet Rotator consists in not making you waste time and resources in the continuous opening of new sites where to claim cryptocurrency, making you concentrate only on those faucets you prefer without even changing browser window. Moreover, through management buttons and rotation, it allows you to make claims in a more orderly and efficient manner.