Legal notes


The FaucetBitcoin site is a free online service that is mostly limited to listing faucets and other portals related to the world of virtual coins, providing information exclusively of a general nature, which in no way constitutes an invitation to invest, nor an incentive to purchase or use any cryptocurrency. The editors and owners of FaucetBitcoin are also not responsible for the linked sites or their content, which may be subject to change over time.

Since cryptocurrencies and related services are by definition "high-risk investments" with the danger of total loss of capital, any decision on this matter is left exclusively to the User, who assumes full responsibility. The staff and owners of FaucetBitcoin cannot, therefore, be held responsible for the actions, decisions or behaviours implemented by the User based on the contents of the site.

Although through the site we try to provide particularly accurate and up-to-date information, there is no periodicity in the revision of the portal, such that it cannot in any way represent a newspaper, nor consider itself an editorial product pursuant to Law No. 62 of 7.03.2001.

Some images posted on FaucetBitcoin are captured by the Internet and, therefore, considered in the public domain: in case, however, their publication violates any copyrights, you can communicate it through our contact page and request their removal, which will take place soon.


Generally, it is possible to visit the FaucetBitcoin site without providing any personal data. However, in some cases it is necessary to provide certain information, including your Internet address, to allow us to track visits to our site for analysis purposes. Furthermore, it is possible that personal data such as name and e-mail address may be requested to subscribe to the newsletter or to respond to requests for information.
Any data collected will never be transferred to third parties, except in the cases necessary in order to safeguard our rights or to verify any illegal activities, within the limits permitted by law.

Generally confidential personal data is not collected through FaucetBitcoin; otherwise, the User will be informed about the intended use of confidential data and his consent to the storage and use of such data will be requested. The staff of FaucetBitcoin considers the privacy of its Users to be of fundamental importance and guarantees that the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the rights of the interested party, with particular reference to confidentiality, the protection of personal identity and the right to protection. of personal data. In this sense, the User has the right to know what data is possibly collected and request its modification or removal, through our contact page.

The FaucetBitcoin site also collects and uses non-personal data on Users in an aggregate and anonymous manner, but only technical / IT information, in order to improve the quality of the service offered.

Cookie management

For the acquisition and management of the aforementioned technical information related to visits to the FaucetBitcoin website, so-called cookies are used, in full compliance with the Directive of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, published in the Official Journal n. 126 of June 3, 2014.

To protect the privacy of our Users and allow more informed choices, at the first access to any page of our portal, we operate a preventive block of cookies so-called "profiling" (albeit third-party), that is, aimed at acquiring information on preferences and navigation, with the exclusion, instead, of so-called "technical" cookies, that is, useful for the mere proper functioning of the site. We also provide a short information on the use of cookies, to which is added a more extensive one on this page, aimed at clarifying in detail the characteristics of cookies sent by our site and by third parties, as well as the methods of removal through the browser used.
Only following the explicit consent of the User, which can take place by clicking on the "I understand" button of our short information popup or by exiting this extended informative and continuing in the simple navigation of the site (e.g., accessing another area of the portal or selecting an image or link), FaucetBitcoin will send cookies blocked in advance.

What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that the sites save on the User's computer or mobile device, while they are visited: this allows the site to remember the actions taken and the preferences expressed.

Technical cookies serve exclusively the operation of the site and allow Users to take advantage of the services requested through our website, not otherwise available. These include, for example, those that provide access to secure areas of our website, session and feature areas, or those that allow the correct display of embedded content, such as Flash or thumbnails.

Analytical cookies, on the other hand, allow our site to acquire purely statistical information related to the visits received. They may provide us with information regarding, for example, the number of daily visitors or the content viewed and may be associated with user details such as IP address, domain or browser; however, they are analysed along with other people's information so as not to identify one user over the other. We use them to improve the performance and design of our website as well as to provide content that is more usable by the User.

The profiling cookies, again, are those aimed at creating profiles related to the User, to which will then be sent advertising messages aimed at satisfying the preferences manifested in the context of online browsing. Our site and subdomains do not FaucetBitcoin use these types of cookies.

Finally, third-party cookies are those sent from a website other than the one currently displayed, but from external sites: a typical example is the presence of social plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. These are parts of the page visited generated directly by the aforementioned sites and integrated on the page of the host site.

To learn even more about these technologies and how they work, you can visit, for example, the site

Which cookies do you FaucetBitcoin

Our site mostly uses technical or third-party cookies. For the latter, if an external link to the consent form is not specified in the table below, please refer to
Here are the cookies used by FaucetBitcoin in detail:

Type of cookie Description of cookies and information links
_ga; _gat; __utma; __utmb; __utmc; __utmt; __utmz Third party analytical cookies FaucetBitcoin uses Google Analytics cookies, as a web analysis service provided by Google Inc., to obtain aggregate statistical information useful for evaluating the use of the website and the activities; carried out by the User. Google stores the information collected by the cookie on servers that can also be located in the United States. Further information on the use of these cookies and on the modalities; to reject or delete them are available at the following URL: Google Privacy Overview. The User can selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing the opt-out component provided by Google on his browser and for which please refer to the following link: Google Analitycs Optout.
id; _drt_; __ar_v4; __gads Third party cookies ( sends the cookie ID to the browser at the first interaction to then recognize the user at subsequent interactions. The various online tracking cookies help to show advertisements that are relevant to the user. Through the use of cookies it is therefore possible to measure advertisements in terms of views and clicks until the client site is reached. Once we reach the FaucetBitcoin site, thanks to the cookies released by the tags on the page, we monitor the activities that users perform on the site, in order to provide insights in terms of navigation, traffic, user experience and advertising. DoubleClick cookies do not contain information that allows users to be personally identified. For more information, please refer to the following link: Cookie DoubleClick.
PHPSESSID Technical cookie PHP native cookie that allows websites to store serialization status data. It is used to establish a user session and to communicate status data through a temporary cookie, which disappears when the browser is closed.
Flash Cookie Third party technical cookies Through FaucetBitcoin, technical cookies related to the functioning of the Flash Player, proprietary; by Adobe Macromedia. For more information on the use of these cookies, please refer to the Adobe Cookie Policy.
languFaceBit Technical cookie Technical cookie for storing the preferred language.
conscookieFBTCen Technical local storage Object of Webstorage, aimed at the acquisition from FaucetBitcoin of the User's explicit consent to the use of cookies.

How to select, deselect or remove cookies

Most browsers allow you to clear cookies from your device, block cookie acceptance, or receive an alert before a cookie is stored. The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications. In addition, the best browsers allow you to define different settings for proprietary cookies and third-party cookies.

Below are the links to support the management of cookies for the most used browsers:
Internet Explorer: