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After FaucetHub's departure, FaucetPay appears to be one of the most promising microwallets, already managing to count a good number of faucets that use it as a payment system.

Here is a collection of the best faucets for FaucetPay.io updated; by clicking on the following buttons, you can consult a list of faucets for each supported cryptocurrency.

Rank Faucet Name Criptos Reward Timer Payout Rating Earn
1 Firefaucet Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Monero Dogecoin Digibyte Zcash Tron variable autofaucet FaucetPay
Direct Wallet
5 star rating get free
2 CoinPayz Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin
and more
variable + BONUS variable FaucetPay
Direct Wallet
5 star rating get free
3 Autoclaim Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash ZCash Digibyte Tron variable autofaucet FaucetPay
Direct Wallet
5 star rating get free
4 BigBTC Bitcoin 3 satoshi + BONUS 5 minutes FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
5 OleFaucet BCH Bitcoin Cash 80 satoshi BCH 3 minutes FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
bitcoin cash
6 CoinDiversity DASH DASH variable 1 minute FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
7 Claim Free ZEC ZEC up to 1.000
satoshi ZEC
5 minutes FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
8 ClaimClicks TRX TRX up to 0.02 TRX 5 minutes FaucetPay 5 star rating get free
9 CryptoRotator DGB DGB 0.01 DGB 5 minutes FaucetPay 4 star rating get free
10 Diamond Faucet DOGE DOGE 0.0018 DOGE 7 minutes FaucetPay 4 star rating get free

FaucetPay: review and guide

FaucetPay.io site preview

FaucetPay is a microwallet, born after the disappearance of FaucetHub, which quickly gained the favor of faucet owners, who are widely adopting it as a means of payment for its users. The site professes itself as, not only a wallet for micropaid, but also an earning platform, offering numerous opportunities to replenish its wallet.

The cryptocurrencies supported by FaucetPay are not as many as those present in the old FaucetHub, but are basically the most capitalized ones, namely: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. On the other hand, the list of the faucets that use it already seems interesting: of course, we are still far from faucethub numbers, but the beginning is encouraging.

As for the unterorious features compared to that of microportafoglio, FaucetPay.io proposes some earning methods, hi/low gaming, an exchange and an affiliate system.

How to use the FaucetPay microwallet: tutorial

The operation of FaucetPay is essentially similar to that of other microwallets: first of all, it requires a simple registration and the need to link to the "Linked Addresses" of your account the addresses of the external wallets of the supported cryptocurrencies, already in your possession.

The claim in faucet FaucetPay are then very simple, having to enter in the requested field the wallet address of the cryptocurrency linked to the microwallet account: the crediting of the reward will then take place instantly.

The deposit, the affiliate system and the exchange

The deposit with FaucetPay is absolutely free and makes this portal an online wallet of cryptocurrencies real: to use them it is enough to send your tokens to the address present in the "Deposit" tab of the account.

Like other similar services, moreover, especially at the beginning, FaucetPay offers an interesting affiliate system by remunerating all those who invite new users with veritable rewards according to the tools used in the portal.

Also, very interesting is the small Exchange within FaucetPay, which allows you to change cryptocurrencies with orders executed instantly. It differs from features proposed in other microwallets, in that there is no exchange between users, but, between the individual user and the portal itself.

Ways to make money with FaucetPay

The "Earn" section of FaucetPay allows you to further earn cryptocurrencies through the wall of offers and the Paid to Click: the first reward for the completion of some promotional proposals or the compilation of sodas, while the second gives some tokens following the click on an ad or the visit of a sponsored site.

Finally, another fun way to increase your crypto currency lump is to play: specifically, FaucetPay offers in the "Multiply BTC" section the hi/low game, where you can bet on the exit of a high or low number.

The Withdraw from FaucetPay

The withdrawal from FaucetPay to an external wallet is possible by accessing the "Withdraw" tab of the User Dashboard: here you can choose between a normal withdrawal, with 4 hours of waiting, and a fast one of 5 minutes. Of course, the two modes provide for different costs and minimum payouts, i.e. higher in the second case.

The minimum withdrawal limits vary according to the "Normal" or "Priority" mode and, in their minimum values, are defined as follows:
Bitcoin = 0.00010000 BTC
Bitcoin Cash = 0.00050000 BCH
Ethereum = 0.03000000 ETH
Litecoin = 0.00100000 LTC
Dogecoin = 30.00000000 DOGE
Dash = 0.00100000 DASH
Tron = 15.00000000 TRX
Digibyte = 25.00000000 DGB
Tether = 3.00000000 USDT
ZCash = 0.00001000 ZEC
Binance Coin = 0.00080000 BNB
Solana = 0.00200000 SOL
Ripple = 11.00000000 XRP