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Peercoin, born even in 2012, is a very solid altcoin, as well as the first coin to use the Proof of Stake algorithm: it stands, as well as one of the most interesting alternatives to the Bitcoin formula.

Accumulating this cryptocurrency therefore appears to represent a great long-term investment: here is therefore a selection of the best faucets for Peercoin.

Value of 1 Peercoin
Rank Faucet Name Reward Timer Payout Payment Rating Earn
1 Btcpop Faucet PPC variable 30 minutes 0.1 PPC Direct Wallet 4 star rating get free

Peercoin cryptocurrency (PPC): the first PoS coin

Peercoin cryptocurrency

Peercoin is one of the most ancient digital coins based on peer-to-peer blockchain technology in the cryptocurrencies world, as it was launched in 2012 by Scott Nadal and Sunny King (the latter also developer of Primecoin and V.System).

One of the many criticisms levelled at Bitcoin is its great greed for energy resources to fuel Proof of Work-based mining. Peercoin then tried to overcome this problem, using, for the first time of all cryptocurrencies, a hybrid algorithm, partly POW and partly Proof of Stake (POS), in a system that rewards not only miners, but also users who simply hold money: this allows cryptocurrency minting without the excessive use of electricity typical of Bitcoin, becoming in fact Peercoin a sustainable and environmentally conscious altcoin.

The great merit of this currency was, therefore, precisely that it first introduced a new way of creating money and keeping the blockchain secure, namely the Proof of Stake, which makes Peercoin a green alternative to Bitcoin.

How to mine Peercoin

Peercoins can be created in two ways: by mining or minting. The first method is the traditional one, through the download of a software miner and the use of the GPU of your PC, as well as by enrolling in a pool with which to share the hash rate.

Alternatively, you can earn Peercoins simply by holding money on your wallet and doing staking. As described on the official minting website, minting this coin allows you to have a gain of 1% per year. To staking this crypto, simply download the official Peercoin-QT wallet and keep your wallet unlocked just to coin.

The GPT to earn Peercoin for free

Faucets for Peercoin are the best way to earn Peercoin for free, better than mining or staking, given the not-so-high interest rates, especially for low capital.

A great alternative to online faucets is represented by GPT (Get paid To) sites, such as the one described below, thanks to which you can get Peercoins by watching videos or completing easy surveys.

Website Type Tasks Minimum
Payment Referral Earn
EarnCrypto GPT
(Get Paid To)
  • Surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Install Apps
  • Complete Offers
No minimum after 40 points Direct Wallet 10% earn

Online wallets for Peercoin

Beyond peercoin's official wallet, available for both desktop, mobile and paper, there are many other particularly convenient and multicurrencies solutions, such as the online wallets listed below, which also allow you to easily exchange and transfer cryptocurrencies.

Wallet Cryptocurrencies Device Security Fees Additional
Cryptonator Peercoin Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Monero Ripple Zcash Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash Bytecoin Reddcoin Emercoin Cryptonator Wallet Website Cryptonator Wallet App Low wallet security 0.01 PPC no wallet

Exchange that trade Peercoin

Peercoin is a currency that has been present for many years in the cryptocurrency market with a fairly regular trend and periodic pump and dump. In November 2017 there was a fairly important price increase: this makes this crypto very interesting for trading activities.

Among the many online marketplaces that allow you to trade Peercoin with other cryptocurrencies or with traditional FIAT coins, there are some exchanges that are highlighted to offer many earning opportunities related to profitable exchanges, such as those listed below.

Exchange Currencies Pros and Cons Fees Minimum
Yobit PPC, USD, BTC, ETH + 350 more
  • Pros of the Yobit exchangeUser-friendly interface
  • Pros of the Yobit exchangeFaucet
  • Pros of the Yobit exchangeLending
  • Cons of the Yobit exchangeSlow website
Deposit Fee
Withdr. Fee
Trading Fee
10000 sat BTC
10000 sat ETH
HitBTC PPC, BTC, USDT, ETH + 100 more
  • Pros of the HitBTC exchangeDemo Mode
  • Pros of the HitBTC exchangeHigh trading volume
  • Cons of the HitBTC exchangeComplicated validation
Deposit Fee
Withdr. Fee
Trading Fee
0.001 PPC
0.01 PPC