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Potcoin is an altcoin that aims to be used as the primary currency in the legalized cannabis market and therefore as a means of payment for goods and services related to the marijuana industry.

Among the many similar cryptocurrencies, this one stands out for the good media coverage and the initiatives of the development team: here are the best faucets for Potcoin.

Value of 1 Potcoin
Rank Faucet Name Reward Timer Payout Payment Rating Earn
1 Btcpop Faucet POT variable 30 minutes 0.001 POT Direct Wallet 4 star rating get free

The Potcoin (POT) cryptocurrency for marijuana

The Potcoin cryptocurrency

Potcoin was launched in January 2014 by three Canadian entrepreneurs with the mission of facilitating commercial transactions within the legalized cannabis market. In fact, given the lack of adequate legal protection for banks that intend to provide credit to legal marijuana traders, the cryptocurrency Potcoin has been able to fit into this context, offering commercial ganja operators an alternative system to that of traditional money, namely a decentralized solution for currency transfers without the control of any central authority.

Over time, many other digital currencies have arisen with the same purposes, such as CannabisCoin, DopeCoin, HempCoin, CannaCoin and MarijuanaCoin. However Potcoin immediately stood out for the wide media hype it aroused, always remaining a cryptocurrency in the limelight.

Although, therefore, there are now many cryptocurrencies linked to the cannabis market, this coin will hardly leave the scene, not only because it was the first to openly propose itself to the rich legal marijuana industry, but also for a very active development team and a roadmap that fully demonstrates the goodness of the project.

PotCoin is now migrating to the Polygon network, relaunching its brand as Potcoin 2.0.

Wallets for Potcoin

Potcoin wallets for desktop and mobile can be downloaded from the official website. In any case, the new PotCoin 2.0 will also be compatible with the most popular wallets (MetaMask, TrustWallet, Ledger and Trezor).