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Although Reddcoin is an altcoin not very well known and currently of little value, however it has existed for some years and, presenting itself as the social crypto coin, appears to have a lot of potential in the future.

Getting ReddCoin for free doesn't seem to be very easy, so, after a thorough search, we present here the only faucets actually paying and an excellent GPT.

Value of 1 ReddCoin
Rank Faucet Name Reward Timer Payout Payment Rating Earn
1 Faucet Crypto RDD variable + BONUS 30 minutes or shortlink 1500 Coins Direct Wallet 5 star rating get free
2 Althub RDD variable 30 minutes + Swall 10 RDD Direct Wallet 4 star rating get free
3 Btcpop Faucet RDD variable 30 minutes 0.01 RDD Direct Wallet 4 star rating get free

The ReddCoin cryptocurrency (RDD)

The ReddCoin cryptocurrency

ReddCoin is a digital currency born in February 2014 from a Litecoin fork, with which he first shared the Scrypt algorithm, and then switched to PoSV. Its ambition is to be a fast and easy-to-use cryptocurrency as a means of tipping especially within social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, with the aim of bringing the crypto phenomenon to the knowledge of the masses.

To give anyone the right to support Reddcoin's micropaid content creators, its developers have made available to social sites a "Tip Platform", which, through convenient APIs, can be easily integrated. The so-called Redd-ID has also been implemented, i.e. a blockchain-based naming service that allows a user to create a user ID verified and linked to a Reddcoin address: this allows to send and receive money through a common name. The redd-id, public and searchable, can also contain small additional information, as well as the unique link to multiple social accounts.

To these important technical features of Reddcoin, are added a very active team of developers and a passionate community: this makes this altcoin one of those with a very important future potential, deserving of being accumulated through faucet or other free acquisition systems.

How to mine ReddCoin

ReddCoin uses as a mining algorithm the original Proof of Stake Velocity (PoVS), which differs from classic staking in the incentive to the speed of movement of the coin, compared to its mere accumulation. This is done through a staking mechanism that increases the Coin Age (the holding time of the coin) for the Owner of Reddcoin in the vicinity of a transaction.

In practice, to mine (or rather, cone) Reddcoin simply download the wallet from the official website, unlock it and keep it connected to the internet. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a Reddcoin staking software like the one listed below.

Miner Minable
Pros and Cons Online
StakeCube Reddcoin
  • Staking wallet
  • Pros of StakeCubeStaking of many currencies
  • Pros of StakeCubeEfficient support
  • Pros of StakeCubeGreat reviews
  • Cons of StakeCubeNo mobile application yet
  • Cons of StakeCubeProblems with Firefox
2018 staking

The GPT to earn Reddcoin for free

In addition to the faucets mentioned above and staking, there is another opportunity to earn Reddcoin for free, i.e. through the GPT (Get Paid To) site indicated in the following table, which summarizes its main characteristics.

Through EarnCrypto you can get Reddcoin simply by watching videos or compiling surveys. To receive all the rewards in Reddcoin, simply set it as the main cryptocurrency from the main panel; there is no minimum payout, once you pass 40 points, and the withdraw requires only a fee of 2 RDD for the transaction, which becomes void in case of request of more than 9280 RDD.

Website Type Tasks Minimum
Payment Referral Earn
EarnCrypto GPT
(Get Paid To)
  • Participate in Surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Install Apps
  • Complete Offers
No minimum after 40 points Direct Wallet 10% earn

The online wallet for Reddcoin

Once claimed by the faucets or the GPT site just suggested, Reddcoins must be able to be stored in a secure and functional wallet. However, for a cryptocurrency with a potential not yet fully expressed, the options are not many.

In fact, in addition to the exchanges and the aforementioned desktop wallet, available for Windows, Linux and Mac, there is another online for sure reliance, which does not require any downloads and is also accessible from mobile. It is described below, with the indication of the devices it supports, the degree of security and the fees applied to Reddcoin.

Wallet Cryptocurrencies Device Security Fees Additional
Cryptonator Reddcoin Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Monero Ripple Zcash Dogecoin Peercoin Bitcoin Cash Bytecoin Emercoin Cryptonator Wallet Website Cryptonator Wallet App High wallet security 1 RDD no wallet

Exchanges that trade Reddcoin

Having been launched for a few years, Reddcoin can be exchanged on various sites operating as online marketplaces. We wanted to propose a careful selection of the best exchanges that allow you to betray this cryptocurrency, taking into account the pros and cons of the platforms, its fees and the minimum trading value.

Currently the dollar value of Reddcoin is not very high, therefore it lends itself well to easy market manipulations, involving periodic pumps and dumps of this cryptocurrency: although we consider it a good investment for the future, given the existence of a really interesting project, Reddcoin still lends itself well to short-term trading activities, in particular intraday trading.

Exchange Currencies Pros and Cons Fees Minimum
Yobit RDD, USD, BTC, ETH + 350 more
  • Pros of the Yobit exchangeUser-friendly interface
  • Pros of the Yobit exchangeFaucet
  • Pros of the Yobit exchangeLending
  • Cons of the Yobit exchangeSlow website
Deposit Fee
Withdr. Fee
Trading Fee
10000 sat BTC