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Blackcoin was the first cryptocurrency to rely entirely on a Proof of Stake algorithm, updating and testing this technology since 2014: it therefore represents one of the most interesting alternatives to Bitcoin, in particular in the security of the blockchain.

This altcoin therefore seems to be very solid and has a lot of potential also for the future: here is a selection of the best faucets for Blackcoin.

Value of 1 Blackcoin
Rank Faucet Name Reward Timer Payout Payment Rating Earn
1 Btcpop Faucet BLK variable 30 minutes 0.01 BLK Direct Wallet 4 star rating get free

The Blackcoin (BLK) cryptocurrency: the first 100% PoS coin

The Blackcoin cryptocurrency

Blackcoin is a cryptocurrency born in 2014 by a developer known under the pseudonym Rat4: from this derives the fact that its smallest unit of value, equal to 0.00000001 BLK, is precisely called "ratoshi". This cryptocurrency is known for being the first to have fully adopted a Proof of Stake algorithm, in the footsteps of Peercoin, which however still provides for mining on a POW basis.

The Blackcoin developers, on the other hand, after allowing the extraction of only the first block, distributing about 75 million BLK to thousands of addresses, then continued its creation only through staking, i.e. through the simple holding on the coin wallets, useful also to increase the security of the blockchain. Over time, the POS algorithm of Blackcoin has been refined more and more, reaching the current version 3.0.

This cryptocurrency is therefore characterized by being eco-friendly, providing, through the POS, a great energy saving, as well as for the constant release of important projects, such as BlackHalo and NightTrader. The first is a smart contract platform, where it is possible to carry out transactions without intermediaries, according to rules agreed in advance by the contracting parties and guaranteed by a system of "double deposit bound by the parties". The second, on the other hand, implemented within BlackHalo, is a decentralized exchange that allows the safe exchange of cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

How to mine Blackcoin

The coin creation algorithm on which Blackcoin is based is the Proof of Stake. This means that it is not necessary to buy expensive hardware or consume huge amounts of electricity to mint ratoshi, but simply download the Balckcoin More Wallet on the official website and keep it open for staking, already owning a capital in BLK. The declared reward for staking Blackcoin is between 1% and 8% per annum.

The GPT to earn free Blackcoins

Staking and claiming in online faucets are not the only ways to get Blackcoin for free, but there are also sites that reward those in BLK who watch promotional videos, perform easy tasks or respond to surveys.

These platforms are known by the name of GPT, or Get Paid To: among these we have identified one in particular, indicated below, which allows you to easily earn Blackcoins.

Website Type Tasks Minimum
Payment Referral Earn
EarnCrypto GPT
(Get Paid To)
  • Surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Install Apps
  • Complete Offers
No minimum after 40 points Direct Wallet 10% earn

The online wallet for Blackcoin

On the official website there are two desktop wallets for Blackcoin, namely the original and the Lore QT, particularly recommended for minting, as well as two other wallets for smartphones, such as the Payblk and the famous Coinomi multicurrencies.

However, a particularly suitable solution for those who simply want to keep their ratoshi and use them with many additional services is to rely on the online wallets indicated below, which, among the various crypto supported, also offer Blackcoin.

Wallet Cryptocurrencies Device Security Fees Additional
Cryptonator Blackcoin Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Monero Ripple Zcash Dogecoin Peercoin Bitcoin Cash Bytecoin Emercoin Reddcoin Primecoin Cryptonator Wallet Website Cryptonator Wallet App High wallet security 0.1 XPM no wallet

Blackcoin trading

Blackcoin has a fairly affordable price to be the subject of a profitable trading activity in the short term. Since its launch on the markets, its trend has been quite discontinuous with periodic pump and dumps and some bullish periods such as those of June and November 2017, among the most recent.